What happens when you take the most popular trunk rack of all time and expand its vehicle compatibility by 20%? - No assembly needed. George and his dad won entries to DK200, and the experience did not disappoint. Most of us who lead active lives also lead healthy lives. Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...to the fridge! Featuring easy-to-load bike hold downs, best-in-class ratchet straps and integrated locks, you can speedily fasten your bikes to the Glide EX and know they’re secure as you head toward your next adventure. Sports, TV and movie recommendations from cyclists just like you. It all comes down to science. From bikes to clothing to transport, these pointers will ensure you're ready for ride on gravel. Our product manager describes the final step in product development and what it means when we say "made for cyclists, by cyclists.". A favorite for lunch at the Skratch Labs HQ, this recipe from Feed Zone Table is sure to please. Trails, tents and swimming holes. Looking for a homemade recovery bar that tastes fantastic? - Integrated locking to secure bike to rack and rack to car Every rider has their preference on how to best ride inside, especially when it comes to training software and bike trainer of choice. - Carries 2 bikes (60lbs/bike). - Built with American-made aluminum and steel. When used in positions furthest from the vehicle, tray can hold a bike up to 35 lb. Emerge from winter stronger than ever with these tips and workouts from USA cycling coach, Casey Lamers. Nutrition and fueling for training is one of the most confusing components of endurance performance, with not only plenty of conflicting and poor information on the subject, but also plenty of data found in the labs of scientists that don’t necessarily translate to the real world. Winter roared back into Madison last week with snow, wind chills worthy of warnings, and near-record low temps. $389.94 $ 389. Saris' Wheel Straps keep your front wheels from spinning and your handlebars from turning in the wind. - Adjustable to work with most bikes The National Winner of the 2015 Poster Contest is... We're excited to announce that Caleb of Somerville, Massachusetts, is the 2015 National Poster Contest Winner! These bike trainer workouts are sure keep you warm this winter. Free shipping. Tips to help emerge from the off-season as a stronger cyclist. - Sleek and compact design holds 2 bikes on a single bar. Add to Basket. This lightweight – yet mighty – platform hitch rack is ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice. Pro-cyclist, Lindsay Goldman, interviews her coach for tips on how to maximize trainer miles. - Fits all bikes. PurplePatch Fitness coach, Matt Dixon, discusses how critical good habits are to athlete success. Off-season training looks different this year for pro-cyclist, Gabby Traxler. The widespread availability of reliable power measuring and feedback devices has provided a great toolset for more focused training in endurance sports like cycling and triathlon. Each route proved to be the best-of-the-best during the week it was submitted during our Route Creation Contest and we think they’re worth queuing up in your riding schedule. Bike Racks. Saris Cycle On Bike Rack user reviews : 3.4 out of 5 - 6 reviews. With its robust construction, eye-catching style and compact design that carries both bikes on a single bar, the SuperClamp is your bike’s new BFF. Most of us give little thought to putting our bikes on our bike racks, but your rack will work better and longer when you commit to giving it periodic love and attention. Quality sleep can help bring your cycling and triathlon performance to the next level. Coach Bob Seebohar highlights the nutritional differences between riding indoors and out. How to find the right training set-up for you and your goals. We've developed this guide to help you find the right rack for you, your bike and your lifestyle. - Ratcheting straps keep bike stable and secure and adjust to fit most bikes That’s why Saris built the SuperClamp 4-bike from the ground-up to be the safest, toughest, and lightest 4-bike platform hitch rack on the road. SHOP LOCAL; LOGIN; RACKS . - Complete integrated security: locks the rack to the car and the bikes to the rack. This month's winner hails from our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. Now What? - Bridges the gap from stem to seat tube, creating a virtual top tube From there, with the help and collaboration of coaches and/or advisers, a long-term plan is put in place to achieve that dream. The Bones EX Fits More Cars than Ever Before, Haul It All: the Saris SuperClamp EX 2-Bike + Cargo, Transform Your Indoor Workout into A Real Ride with Rouvy, 10 Training Mistakes You Are Probably Making, Instant Hatch Access for All: The Saris Glide Hanging Hitch Bike Rack, May the Best Exerciser Win: Tips for Virtual Racing, Support Crew: Who We’re Backing this Year, To Ride or Not to Ride: Handling Lack of Motivation, 11 Reasons to Ride a Bike Trainer (That Do Not Include Snow), Why Made in the USA is Good for our Products, 2 Common Cycling Nutrition Myths Debunked, Bike Trainer Workouts with Global Cycling Network, Cleaning and Maintaining Your Bike Rack – Saris Pro Tips. The 2-bike Add-On is made from the same rugged, American-made aluminum and steel, which are tested to outlive the elements. And, now it's hip. - Rust-free, injection molded plastic - Integrated strap management system provides clean look and eliminates flapping straps. This active recovery workout is one of my favorites. Five steps to help you find a new car rack for you and your family of bikes. An up-close and personal look at testing a new bike rack. In part two of this four-part series, elite endurance coach Matt Dixon addresses key elements in fueling for sports performance and daily energy in work and life. Dietitian and performance coach, Bob Seebohar, digs deeper into two common conceptions of cycling nutrition. - Rock-solid dual hooks provide unmatched security, and never touches the bike’s frame. Measuring Human Performance in the Classroom, High-Intensity Interval Training and the Aging Athlete, Workout Wars: Indoor vs. Bike Trainer vs. Rollers: What’s the Difference? - Minimal assembly required. I asked my little nephew the other day if he knew what a calorie was and he quickly replied, "It's what makes you fat." - Heavy duty straps reinforced with internal steel strands So, how light is the Axis Aluminum? Saris Bike Parking Racks are the most useful products when it comes to parking or locking up one or several bikes. You walk around to the back of your vehicle and realize that you need to unload all these bikes to get access to the hatch. One Junior Cyclist shares how he's adjusting his plans for DK 2020. Luckily, technology has figured out how to make riding indoors fun, intelligent, and focused. - Standard scoop max tire width: 2.25", Meet the SUPERBones. Join us in our support for World Bicycle Relief. Two triathletes hit the highway with their trainers in pursuit of the open road and good racing. For the Founders of the Gateway Devo Cycling Team, athlete development is about so much more than the sport of cycling. Monitor your training and improvements with this 30-minute workout. Your bikes are guaranteed a stable ride. - Carries 4 bikes, up to 35 lb. What more could you ask for? - Clean, Sleek Look: integrated strap management eliminates flapping straps. We always knew there was something special about the Bones®. You’re out of luck. Similarly, power can also help you maximize what your body can offer during those sessions of high intensity when used as a tool to facilitate proper recovery during periods of active rest — a very critical component of training with power. - Accommodates wheel bases up to 53 inches. This week we're taking a closer look at resistance curves and what makes ours so special. Mounting hardware is included. - Updated design, for use with all Saris racks where bikes are secured by the top tube Three ways riding inside can help with the work-school-life-exercise balance. Professional endurance athlete, Hillary Allen, on dealing with uncertainty. It all boils down to one thing: a passionate, long-held commitment to American manufacturing. A hole in its body allows your bike to be locked with a cable (sold separately). We challenged a select number of dealers to submit a 30 second video featuring our Solo Glow. A hitch bike rack that lets you access the rear of the car in one step – both with bikes and without. As most of us are likely training year round and do not have the ability to escape the summer heat, we all recognize that it is harder to train when it is HOT! How to explore America’s great outdoors on two-wheels.
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